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Safety tips for a great Halloween

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Safety tips for a great Halloween

  • Use creative makeup or hats on youngsters. Never cover their faces or interfere with peripheral vision for safety.
  • Always have young children accompanied by an adult
  • Teach children never to run across the street no matter how excited they are. A great number of accidents happen because kids run out in traffic.
  • Teach your children to eat only candy that is factory wrapped AND has been inspected by you. That means no candy until they get home.
  • Have some kind of reflective device on your child’s costume and have them carry a flashlight. Most accidents happen because of excited kids and low visibility.
  • Teach your child never to enter a strange home without you. That includes fun looking haunted houses.
  • Make sure all costumes are flame retardant and are free of trailing hems or sleeves that could come in contact with a jack-0-lantern flame.
  • Use battery powered lights in your Halloween decorations, not open flames.
  • Don’t approach houses without lights on. Trick or treat in your own neighborhood or at a church or shopping center event.

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