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Halloween Trends 2011! Authentic and Original Ideas!

Is it just me, or does there seem to be a "Halloween Store" on every corner these days? These instant costume shops are open for business in a strip mall at the end of August and then "boom", they are gone by around 1am November 1st. At The Theatre Company we can dress anyone, any age in costumes that are authentic, beautiful and surprisingly affordable! You can try on as many costumes as you like and dress them up with our vast supply of accessories for purchase...yes everyone, real dressing rooms ( not hastily trying something on in the aisle, hoping it will fit!).  We have added many new custom costumes this year and our childrens' rental selection has been expanded with gorgeous colonial gowns for the girls and real pirate gear for the boys! Come early to reserve and make this Halloween both fun and affordable....Don't forget we offer professional make -up and wigs for sale so you and your family can achieve the "total look"!!

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