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Life’s a Ball!

They say that you should dress to impress- let The Theatre Company help you look your best!

A gown for all occasions

A gown for all occasions

Have you ever wondered how it feels to be queen for a day? Well, stop wondering a see for yourself. Here, at The Theatre Company, we've got gowns that would make even Maire Antoinette jealous- no bibbidi bobbidi boo required. With our large selection of ballgowns the options are virtually limitless, so toss your rags aside and slip into something a little more elegant.

Heading to a masquerade, costume party, business meeting, Sunday brunch? Not a problem! We know you'll feel like the belle of the ball in the gown that you choose AND you won't need to rush home before midnight. Our gowns are guaranteed to keep you looking stunning for hours on end.

All hail the queen!

A gown fit for a queen

A gown fit for a queen

We've got big gowns, small gowns, red gowns, and brown gowns, gowns for princesses, and gowns for queens, gowns for anyone in between. Unfortunately we don't supply the pumpkin carriage- that's on you, but don't rush to say "off with their heads", just yet because...

Hoop there it is!

We've got hoop skirts and bridal petticoats to compliment each of our ballgowns. You can have a skirt as large and in charge or as subtle and subdued as you like. If you don't want to fit through the door, you don't have to. The Theatre Company doesn't discriminate.

Something old, something new, something perfect just for you.

Something old, something new, something perfect just for you.

Being royalty is hard work.

Let us help you find the gown to suit your ball. Feel free to have your royal messenger give us a call at 909-982-5736 or send us an electronic note at [email protected] Tell your Fairy Godmother to sit this one out, because we can't wait to make you feel like royalty.

Regally yours,

The Theatre Company



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