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Can it be? Yes it could! Halloween season is upon us and as of September 15th our customers can select and reserve their rental costumes. Of course, all accessories, make up, wigs, wands and costumes for sale are available now.
Though we have many costumes for purchase, we are famous for our inventory of 100,000 costumes for rent; yes, please come in, give yourself TIME to look and try on clothing! As you make your way through our warehouse, our staff can provide directions and answer any questions as you select your own costume. DO bring a photo of what you are looking for-trust me it will help. If you decide to rent a costume, make sure you have a valid CA ID with you and a credit card to leave a deposit- of course your deposit will be returned to you the minute the costume is returned. Rentals are for three days minimum so you won't ever feel rushed, and we can discuss options if you need it for a longer period. We want this experience to be as fun and magical as possible, but if you are under 18, you will need and adult to sign the rental contract for you. So Happy Harvest! Boo and Hocus Pocus! Hope to see you soon....

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