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Welcome to the Wizarding World

Hello Muggles,

Before you hop on the Hogwarts Express be sure that your trunk is packed with all the necessities. We're making it easy for you to bypass the pandemonium in Diagon Alley, because we've added plenty of magical items to our retail and rental stock. Be sure to stop by and check out our latest Harry Potter collection. We've got Hogwarts house robes, scarves, hats, ties, and much, much more to keep you looking good and feeling better.

Whether you're venturing into The Chamber of Secrets or competing for the Quidditch World Cup we've got you covered. Our retail store is open Monday 10AM-6PM and Tuesday-Saturday 10AM-5PM. Be warned, our floo network is down at the moment, but we've got plenty of parking for your flying cars. Feel free to shoot us an email at [email protected] or give us a call at 909-982-5736 if you you know how to use those non-magical devices (owls also welcome).

We solemnly swear that we're up to no good,

The Theatre Company

Sllytherin Boy and Gryffindor girl

Slytherin Boy and Gryffindor Girl

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